(New York 1963)

The Story

I became a big Stan Kenton fan while I was in the Army 1959 - 1962. When I was discharged I had about 15 Kenton Albums but had never heard the band live.

While attending school in New York City in 1963 the Kenton band appeared at a one night jazz festival at the old Madison Square Garden. The band was on a revolving stage.

Over the years most of the negatives have been lost during some of my many moves in my youth. These are the remaing six pictures.

A big Thank you to Joel Kaye for identifing members of this band. Players left to right.

Trumpets: John Ecquart , Ron Keller, Gary Slavo, Ron Ossa, Bob Behrendt.Trombones:Jim Amlotte ( bass trombone) Bob Curnow, Jiggs Whigham, Chris Swansen, Dave Wheeler ( bass trombone & tuba) Mellophoniums: Bob Faust, Bob Crull, Tony Scodwell, Dave Horton. Saxophones: Archie Wheeler (baritone) Steve Marcus (tenor) Gabe Baltazar (alto) Ray Florian (tenor) Joel Kaye (baritone & bass) Bass: John Worster. Drums: Dee Barton. Vocals: Jean Turner. Piano & Leader Stan Kenton.
Img. #2 Chris Swansen. Img # 5 Steve Marcus.
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